Philadelphia, PA


Marilyn Holsing at The Delaware Contemporary

Marilyn Holsing's solo exhibition, "The Pursuit of Love" runs at The Delaware Contempt February 10 - April 30, 2017. Inspired Jean-Honoré Fragonard's series of five paintings at the Frick Collection, "The Progress of Love", this large scale diorama incorporates video, sound and animatronics.


Jill O'Bryan at the Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe

A solo exhibition of work by Jill O'Bryan, Mapping Resonance, is on view at the Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe through March 12th. O’Bryan installs a new series of sculptural plaster vessels, residue paintings, breath drawings, and a series of large scale (10’x 6’) rubbings (frottages) of the New Mexico Mesa, where she resides for half of the year. All of the work requires the full faculty of her body to create.

Gallery Joe at Untitled Miami featuring the work of Lynne Woods Turner

Gallery Joe will be at Untitled Miami November 30 – December 4th, 2016, showing a survey of works by Lynne Woods Turner 1996-present.


Artblog review: "Subtle Geometry – Katrin Bremermann at Gallery Joe"

Michael Lieberman writes: "Bremermann treats paper as a sculptural element. Her drawings become objects. She actually works both sides of the paper, leaving behind traces, lines, and marks, and she waxes the paper, creating transparency. The backgrounds of the pieces have an etched quality and the subtle, smooth hue and texture of natural concrete or marble floors. The contrast between the background and the applied enamel is stark but harmonious, a reflection of the artist’s interest in opposites. The overall effect achieved I would call stately delight."